Company Background

China and Overseas Valuation


Norton Appraisals Limited was established in 2001 by a group of professionals with rich accounting, financial and surveying know-how gained over 20 years in the valuation business.

Our company provides in-depth, independent appraisals of the value of real estate and businesses,and offers solutions to project problems. We have served many companies in Hong Kong with distinction, including Main and GEM boards, which we helped to prepare initial public offerings (IPOs).We also help companies to draw up valuations for public documents, merger and acquisition (M&A) and annual reports.

We offer a wide range of valuation services, including appraising intangible assets, financial instruments, plant and machinery, natural resources and corporate advisory services in addition to real estate and business valuations.

Our company is regarded highly by The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and relevant regulatory bodies as well as international financial institutions.