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Independent business valuations are becoming increasingly important for China because of its huge amount of trade with world markets, requiring its accounting practices to be brought up to international standards.

This means Chinese companies would need to make more transparent disclosures in their financial statements if they wish to make greater strides into international markets.

Current international accounting practices with which Hong Kong complies, require companies to disclose credible yearly accounts of the value of the goodwill and intangible assets created by their mergers and acquisitions.

In the case of IPOs, listed companies making the offers are required to disclose credible values of their assets. It is therefore important to commission independent valuers to appraise those assets because assets fluctuate constantly and because they are taken into account when judging a companyˇ¦s financial position.

Norton Appraisals has also provided services to the following specialist industries:

  • Real Estate Industry
  • Logistics
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  • Information technology
  • Financial
  • Construction
  • Pharmacy
  • Telecommunications
  • Green industries